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What We Believe

1. We believe in a higher power about which we know nothing, except for the known  laws of the universe.

2. We believe the scientific method, reason, and rationality are the only guides to truth available to us.  

3. We believe that human beings are just another life form (like all plants and animals) and a product of evolution.

4. The brain is the engine that makes us human, the mind is a product of the brain, and consciousness a product of the mind.

5. Consciousness makes us who we are and the world what is.

6. Consciousness causes us to seek meaning and purpose for our lives and empowers us to care about others.  (humanism)

7. We believe freedom of speech, religion, and education are natural rights.  They are not granted by government; they preexist.

8. We believe in education (freedom of speech) free of legislative interference is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

9. We believe in the right to grant degrees, to use what words we choose, to practice our freedoms in any way we choose without interference from the legislature. Otherwise, what does freedom mean if we cannot practice it?

10. We believe in three fundamental moral principles:

A. Do not harm others

B. Do not take their property.

C. Seek to enhance the well-being of all people.  (humanism)

11. We believe that our freedoms are a natural right; they do not emanate from our elected representatives.

12. We believe that the role of our elected representatives is to guard our freedoms, not micromanage our lives.

13. We believe that parents have a right to provide for their children's education according to their own best judgement not that of the legislature.

14. We believe parents have the uncontestable right to home school their children.

15. We believe in and support the thousands of private religious elementary and secondary schools across America which operate without interference from state legislatures.

16. We believe in and support private religious colleges and universities which operate without the interference by state legislatures, just as private religious elementary and secondary schools do.

17. These rights are guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution: freedom of speech, education, and religion.  

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