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Citizens School of Law and Citizens Bar Association 

Curriculum for Executive Juris Doctor (JD)

(From  Audio, Video, and Written Guidebook)

Core Curriculum 

LS1. Law School for Everyone 

     (Litigation and Legal Practice; 

     Criminal Law and Procedure; 

     Civil Procedure; 


LS2. White Collar Criminal Law

LS3. Corporate Law

LS4. Contract Law

LS5. Constitutional Law

LS6.  Legislation and Regulation

LS7. Privacy, Property, and Free Speech

LS8. Getting Your Legal House in Order


LS9. History of the Supreme Court

LS10. Great Trials of History and the Lessons They Teach Us

LS11.  Money and Banking 

LS12.  Understanding the U. S. Government 

LS13.  The Federalist Papers 


Practice Skills Electives

LS14.  Art of Conflict Management 

LS15.  Argumentation:  The Study of Effective Reasoning 

LS16.  The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal 

LS17.  The Art of Debate 

LS18.  The Art of Public Speaking 

LS19.  How to Speak So that Others Want to Listen 

LS20.  The Art of Critical Decision Making

LS21.  Your Public Persona

What our students are saying

As a CPA, adding the JD credential has supercharged my practice! 

The law program at SU is outstanding and affordable!

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